With more than 200 different retailers large and small, Pike District is a regional shopping destination providing a mix of top national retailers as well as independent boutiques and service providers.

To discover your shopping options, simply use the database below to search by category. When your results are displayed, click to discover details about each retail location.

Trader Joe's
12268 Rockville Pike Google Maps
Tel: (301) 468-6656
Tuesday Morning
1616 E Jefferson St Congressional Plaza, Rockville, MD Google Maps
Tel: (240) 221-0606
Ulta Beauty
Congressional Plaza, 1631 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852 Google Maps
Tel: 301) 231-5386
United Bank
12127 Rockville Pike Google Maps
Tel: (301) 984-2980
Banking & Financial Services
United States Postal Service
5056-B Nicholson Lane Google Maps
UPS Store
5268 Nicholson Lane Google Maps
Tel: (301) 294-8593
Office Supplies
US Renal Care
11800 Nebel Street Google Maps
Tel: (301) 468-3221
Exercise & Health
Verizon Wireless
1701 Rockville Pike Google Maps
Tel: (301) 770-4411
Wireless & Computers
Verizon Wireless
5700 Bou Avenue Google Maps
Tel: (301)945-0018
Wireless & Computers
Verizon Wireless
11431 Rockville Pike Google Maps
Tel: (240) 397-9951
Appliances & Electronics
Video on Location
11800 Nebel St Google Maps
Tel: (301) 984-5823
Photography & Video Services
11802 Rockville Pike Google Maps
Tel: (301) 770-7780
Optical Goods