With more than 200 different retailers large and small, Pike District is a regional shopping destination providing a mix of top national retailers as well as independent boutiques and service providers.

To discover your shopping options, simply use the database below to search by category. When your results are displayed, click to discover details about each retail location.

11802 Rockville Pike Google Maps
Tel: (301) 770-7780
Optical Goods
1300 Rockville Pike Google Maps
Tel: (301) 984-8989
Automobile Parts & Services
Wells Fargo Bank
110 Congressional Lane Google Maps
Tel: (301) 650-1045
Banking & Financial Services
Westwood Cleaners
1776 E Jefferson Street Google Maps
Tel: (301) 770-6766
Dry Cleaners & Tailoring
White Flint Self Storage
4950 Nicholson Court Google Maps
Tel: (240) 292-7140
Home Improvement
White House Black Market
Congressional Plaza, 1603 Rockville Pike #30, Rockville, MD 20852 Google Maps
Tel: (301) 230-2333
Clothing, Accessories, Shoes & Furs
Whole Foods
11355 Woodglen Dr Google Maps
Tel: (301) 984-4880
Wild Bird Center
1776 E Jefferson Street Google Maps
Tel: (301) 468-7333
Pet Care & Supplies
Xcess Office Furniture
12057 A Nebel Street Google Maps
Tel: (301) 770-6990
Office Supplies
Yogaso Boutique
11803 Grand Park Avenue Google Maps
Children's Stores
Zoom Room
11771 Rockville Pike Google Maps
Tel: (301) 825-9113
Pet Care & Supplies