Pike District is North Bethesda’s urban core, bustling with dynamic shopping, dining and living experiences with access to world-class entertainment, arts, culture and recreation.

How we got here!

The Pike District has a long history rooted in sustainable planning to create a vibrant, walkable community that is lively and connected! It’s forward-thinking, its innovative and it’s on its way!

In 2010 the Montgomery County Council unanimously approved the White Flint Sector Plan, currently known as Pike District. The Plan aims to:

  • Create thriving, diverse mixed-use center with the highest intensity closest to Metro and along Rockville Pike
  • Create new parks and open spaces
  • Transform Rockville Pike into a boulevard with street trees and improved crosswalks
  • Develop a transportation network that includes a grid of new public streets
  • Improve the pedestrian and bicycling environment
  • Promote sustainable development

For more information, please see the White Flint Sector Plan.

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