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What is the Pike District?

The Pike District is an exciting, walkable community that is transforming into a vibrant mix of businesses, great living, amenities, entertainment, recreation, shopping, and dining options. The Pike District is fast becoming a dynamic, mixed-use urban center within the region, aspiring to be a landscape of tree-lined boulevards, multi-modal transit options, and pedestrian-friendly paths suitable for this rapidly growing neighborhood already becoming one of Montgomery County’s most popular areas.

Where is the Pike District?

Located just outside Washington, DC in Montgomery County, MD, the Pike District is an emerging submarket within the North Bethesda area, which sits between Bethesda and the City of Rockville.The award-winning Pike & Rose mixed-use development is the signature centerpiece of the community, attracting world-class retailers and restaurants, luxury residential living, and acclaimed entertainment venues, encouraging rapid development in every direction.

The Pike District is served by on a Metro station conveniently located at its core along with an abundance of multi-model transit options and pedestrian and bike-friendly connected pathways.

What’s it about?

The Pike District is driven by six core values established to promote, drive inspiration and development, all while attracting the economic development engines that fuel the success of the community.

What is the Pike District Partnership?

Marking the advancement and positioning of the Pike District, The Friends of White Flint (FoWF) non-profit advocacy organization and the White Flint Downtown Advisory Committee (WFDAC) are coming together to create the Pike District Partnership, a non-profit organization. This new organization will continue the mission of FOWF and WFDAC to support North Bethesda, Montgomery County’s newest economic core bringing together the business, entertainment, and residential components of a dynamic, mixed-use urban center.

Driven by the core values of celebrating diversity, encouraging innovation, fostering entertainment,
building community, and providing accessible transportation options, the PDP will focus on highlighting
the vibrancy and economic development potential of the North Bethesda area.