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Introducing the Instructors of Saturdays in the Park

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Arlet Koseian-Beckham

Meet Arlet Koseian-Beckham, the owner and founder of extendYoga. extendYoga has been open for more than a decade and has earned the esteemed title of “Best Yoga Studio” in Bethesda Magazine Readers’ Pick since 2017. The journey to open her own yoga studio began after Arlet fell in love with yoga and realized the overwhelming role it plays in her well-being and happiness. Her commitment to social responsibility and social justice contributes to her business’s success, as she is always looking for ways to get involved in the North Bethesda community and create nurturing and diverse experiences.  

Alexis Reed

Alexis Reed is another beloved fitness guru of the Pike District.  As a yoga instructor, volleyball coach, and influential blogger (follow her on Instagram! @flecksoflex), she wears many hats in the world of wellness. Alexis promotes her philosophy, “Sweat Fearlessly,” by getting active and encouraging diversity in fitness and the great outdoors.  

This summer, Pike District teamed up with Arlet, extendYoga, and Alexis to bring you Saturdays in the Park, a summer yoga class on Saturday mornings. These energizing classes are free and are a refreshing breath of wellness. Attendees leave with a renewed sense of wholeness. The classes are taught on a rotating basis between extendYoga instructors and byAlexis Reed.  

Arlet, Alexis, extendYoga, and the Pike District invite you to explore the transformative power of yoga, and to embrace the fearless approach to sweating.  

"We’re a delightfully diverse community that is accessible to everyone... and we can’t wait to see you soon!"

Alexis Reed

Check out the extendYoga and Saturdays in the Park schedule and register for classes here or use the promo code “popyoga” at checkout for a free class at the studio.