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Weekend in the Pike District

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That 70’s Party with Superflydisco

For one night only, AMP transforms into Studio 54. If you are ready to get funky and boogie the night away, this is your moment. Surrounded by discos balls and glitter, Superflydisco is the modern-day love child of Sly and The Family Stone, Rick James and The Bee Gees. Feel free to dress the part in your finest polyester suit, bell bottoms and platform shoes! Tickets and information HERE.


Live Music Showcase: Mixed Business

Mixed Business is what you get when you make a band out of world- travelers, barroom regulars, and classically trained musicians. Blending acoustic folk, country & bluegrass with electric rock and blues – the band refuses to fall into any one genre, and by using more-than-a-handful of vintage and modern instruments, M.B. has perfected a deep, smokey sound that most bands don’t even attempt these days. Inspired by the likes of Johnny Cash, The Beatles, Tom Waits, and Muddy Waters (yep, the band has inspired covers from each… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!) Mixed Business throws the kitchen sink at a crowd — delivering skilled playing and tight vocal harmonies.


Plan your own Sunday Brunch and Day Party!
Grab some friends or family and venture out to one of these great restaurants! 

Java Nation 



Summer House  

Seasons 52 

Quincy’s South 

Owens Ordinary  

City Perch