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The Scoop: K9 and Feelin’ Fine – Pups in the Pike District

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K9 and Feelin’ Fine – Pups in the Pike District

They call them the dog days of summer, but for pups in the Pike District, August is just another chance to dine outside, meet some funny friends at day camp, spend the night in a luxury hotel, and even take a Pawlates class!

Doggie Paddle Dogs

Did your dog love diving in the bay or crashing through the ocean waves this summer? Did he hop in the neighbor's pool for an end-of-season dip?

Here are some tips on what to do after swimming:

Swimming Pool Pups

Chlorine helps keep bacteria levels in check in your pool but they can be an irritant to your dog's skin. For dogs with white coats, pool chemicals can turn that white coat a bit greenish. Try some brightening dog shampoos to help bring back the natural color. Gentle shampoos can make sure a dog's skin doesn't get irritated by the chemical layers. You can find all your summer pet needs a Loyal Companion or PetSmart in the Pike District.

Sand and Surf Rovers

Saltwater and sand can by itchy and drying. Same goes for a dog. Rinsing off your pup after a day at the beach will not only keep him from smelling better, it will prevent him from itching his skin and causing sores and infections.

If your bathing your dog is a struggle, leave it to the professionals. There are great options for salon treatment aka grooming in the Pike District. Check out Dr. Boyd's Veterinary Resort , Best Friends Pet Hotel for some great grooming service.

Keeping Fido Fit

Summer heat can make it dangerous for dogs to spend time outdoors. While it's tempting to spend hours with your dog tossing Frisbees and hiking trails, it's important to watch for heatstroke on dogs. Dogs only have sweat glands on their feet and pant as a primary way to lose body heat, according to the Canine Health Foundation. Dogs with sensitive skin can also get sunburned.

Head indoors to get your pup the exercise he needs to stay fit. Check out Olde Towne Pet Resort's Pawlates classes, a low-impact fitness class for your dog using elongated fit ball and balancing pillows perfect for older dogs or dogs needing rehab. Dogtopia offers great group play to rid your pup of pent-up energy. Insider scoop- the pups love the dog-friendly bubble activity! And new to the Pike District Pup Scouts where boarding and daycare are their specialty!

Dine and unwind

In the Pike District you and your pet can live in the middle of it all! Check out communities like NoBe Apartment community, The Residences at Pike & Rose (Scoop: there is a pet run behind the Pallas Henri Building and the Henri property has a dog washing station); Aurora and Wentworth House where your pets can call Pike District Home.

Wanna stay over for just a few nights in the Pike District? Canopy by Hilton welcomes pets and even gives four-legged guests a complimentary toy! And when the two of you get a little hungry these are some of the Pike District restaurants with pet-friendly patios! Summer House Santa MonicaMamma LuciaStella Barra.